Free activity equipment packs

The activity equipment packs are available to order until Sunday 19 June. We will aim to deliver these by the end of July. Please fill in the form below to order your packs.

Free activity/sports equipment is available for:

  • Looked after children
  • Care leavers
  • Care leavers children

Please download the equipment list below and complete the online form. This is to encourage families to become active together/stay active, and offer alternative activities to try. We hope this will provide lots of ways to have fun!

Please read the instructions carefully on each equipment list to see how many pieces of equipment you are able to order. If you have one child within your family, you can order one pack of equipment. If you have two or more children within your family, you can order two packs of equipment. Details about the equipment available is in the ‘Equipment List’ pdfs below.

Please only order equipment from the relevant age lists that will suit your child. Only individuals who have not previously received equipment are eligible to order.

Please download the relevant equipment list below, and then enter the exact equipment names on the form to ensure the correct equipment is ordered.