Covid and the Get Active Pass

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic there have been a number of changes to the Get Active Pass as summarised below.

  • there has been a reduction in the number of free and half-price visits by half, the offer is now five free and five half-price visits
  • we will only be accepting online referrals
  • everyone who has been referred will receive a call from the Health Trainer service (North Somerset Council) before a pass is issued, to ensure they understand how the scheme works
  • everyone who is issued with a Get Active Pass is required to log on to Legacy Leisure or (and) Places Leisure website to register a membership (this is for track & trace purposes only). Once they are registered they will need to telephone the leisure centre of their choice to book an off-peak session in advance
  • Get Active Pass bookings can only be made during off-peak times only: Hutton Moor & Scotch Horn (Monday to Sunday, 9am – 5pm) / Parish Wharf & Strode (Monday to Sunday, 11am – 4pm)
  • Get Active Pass users can book five days in advance at Hutton Moor / Scotch Horn and seven days in advance at Parish Wharf and Strode.
  • our welcome letter for those referred also specifies a number of practical changes that new visitors will need to be aware of before making a visit.